My Confidence.

Some people are born with confidence and self esteem. Some people build it up over a series of events. I gained a lot of confidence from debating.

I've always been the performing type and I love to impress. That doesn't necessarily mean that I am confident in myself.

I love acting and pretending to be somebody else but it is only recently that I have become confident with my own judgement. A couple of years ago I would refuse to put my hand up to answer a question in class. I am comfortable in each subject and usually knew the answer.

I was afraid of how my peers would react if got the question wrong.

Then, in 6th class, we were all encouraged to try out for the school's first debating team. This was very appealing to me and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

Coming from the largest primary school in Ireland, there was a lot of competition but I was determined to get a spot on the team. If I'm honest, just getting on the team boosted my self esteem greatly.

Not only was I making new friends, but I was developing a personal confidence. I had a great academic year in 6th class and it pushed to my limits and exceeded my previous boundaries.

Only last week was I elected as class rep. (this is not bragging as I am sharing my inspirational story).

I would definitely recommend taking up debating, a sport or something of the sort to anybody with self esteem issues!

I hope this is helpful and I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.

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