NYX Blush | Review

It would be fair to say that I have quite an abundance of blushes. I mainly own darker, browned shades. I bought this particular one over the summer when I was in Vienna. Since then it has been on trial. I now feel like I can give you an accurate description after having it for a few months.

I have the colour Pinched, which is pink with a lot of gold sparkles in it.  This wouldn't usually be my cup of tea but we all have to take chances in this world and not worry about the outcome. It turns out that this particular "leap of faith" was a big success.

This adds a, really gorgeous, bit of colour to your complexion. I was also pleasantly surprised with the glitter. It adds more of a glow than a glitter, which I wouldn't be able to  stand. The light bounces off it , giving you an angelic appearance (not quite, but you understand what I mean)

This is a cheap and cheerful product and I'll probably pick up a few more shades when I get the opportunity.

Happy Friday!!!
Clare x

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