Barry M Hi-Shine Nail Paint

Hello there!!!

Sadly, I hardly ever have an excuse to wear nail varnish. It is not aloud in my school so I rarely put it on.

This Christmas, I decided that it is time for a change. I went out and bought 3 of the most raved about drugstore nail polishes.

I bought Barry M's Gelly Hi- Shine Nail Paint in Chai, the Matte Nail Paint in Espresso and when you spend €9 on Barry M products you get the Limited Edition Nail Paint in Moonlight.

Chai is a really gorgeous gray, and is the one I can't take my eyes off. Espresso is a plain matte black and Moonlight is a sparkly, glittery polish with big pieces of silver and red stars.

I was immediately drawn to Chai. It is without a doubt my new favourite nail varnish. It is longlasting (the first chip appeared after about 3 days).

Feeling adventurous, I applied a layer of Esspresso to create a thin band at the tip of the nail.
I love love love this combination! It is very chic looking and is my go to nail at the moment.

For Christmas itself I wore Esspresso all over my nail with a thin layer of Moonlight on top. It, in my opinion, looks like the stars at night.

Very pretty.

Sadly this didn't last very long. As I had expected, Moonlight started to peel after a few days.

As I told you, Chai is the new love of my life so when I saw the shade, Mustard, I had to welcome her to the collection.

I haven't tried it on yet but I have high hopes!
If you've tried these nail polishes before and have any recommendations please let me know!
Clare x

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