Study Tips: Part 1

Study tips. Doesn't sound very exciting. At all.

My teachers have all gotten back into the routine of giving us weekly tests. It can be hard to remember which tests to study for but hopefully, with my tips, tests will become less of an ordeal.

I understand that different methods work for different people and I'm not saying that this is what you need to do to achieve the marks you want. All I'm saying is that this is what works for me.

It all depends on how long you are told about the test in advance. Supposing I have 1 week to prepare, this is how I would use my time.

1) As soon as the test is announced, I start to take hints from the teacher as to what might be on the test. Look out for phrases such as "This paragraph is important" or "Make sure you know __________ inside out"

2) Make a list of all the up coming tests in a special notebook as soon as the test is announced.  Check it regularly to make sure you haven't forgotten anything.

3) To make your work load lighter do 10 minutes of revision each night, to insure that you know what you have read.

4) I like to keep a diary for studying. They have really cute ones in Tiger and Paperchase. Shorten paragraphs to key points. There is no need to copy your whole textbook out, word for word. You are wasting time and it will be harder to absorb it when you go to study it later.

5) Make topics short, understandable and easy to read. Spread the words out over the page and avoid squeezing them together.  This will make them confusing. It's a great idea to use colour. For example, put dates in red, events in green etc.

6) Try and do the big chunk of studying at least 2-3 nights before the test. That means that on the night before you just have to refresh what you already know.

I hope you enjoyed this Study Tips blog post. Let me know what you'd like to see in the future.

Clare x

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