Benefit Roller Lash Review

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I've only ever owned the small versions of Benefit products. In all honesty I haven't been blown away by the quality of what I have tried so far. I still always get a bit weak at the knees while browsing their counter. What's not to love about that packaging?

As part of my birthday present I received the Benefit Roller Lash. I had heard mixed reviews and I was excited to try it out for myself . I've spent the last week developing my thoughts on it and I can finally say that I have reached a conclusion.

My main problem with Bad Gal Lash by Benefit was that after a few hours it had been deposited on your face. It was the only Benefit mascara I had tried so I was worried that Roller Lash might be the same. I had no reason to worry though. Roller Lash holds your lashes in place, perfectly, all day! Not once have I experienced it transferring onto my under eye area.

Roller Lash has tiny hooks on their bristles (?) that are designed to pull your lashes up and out. This is a lengthening and defining mascara in my opinion.

This is a very lengthening and defining mascara. They claim that you do not need to use an eyelash curler in conjunction with this product and I agree! Your lashes do not lose shape during the day and remain in the same position for hours!

If you stick to one coat of mascara you won't have to worry about it clumping, but I found that applying a second coat does give a clumpy effect. This doesn't concern me however as I generally prefer to stick to one layer of mascara.

I am a big fan of the packaging! The lid has a rubber texture which makes it very easy to grip. It sits comfortably in your hand which is key.

My verdict?
Although this is my current most used mascara I don't think that you should drop what you're doing and run to the closest place that sells Benefit products, to pick it up. It is an all round great product but the price tag is a bit much.

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