DIY Teacup Candle ~ Collab with TheTasLifestyle


 This is a very exciting blog post to write not only because I'm showing you guys a very cute DIY but because this is a collaboration with the blogger TheTasLifestyle.
I'm making a DIY Teacup Candle and she is making a DIY Candle Holder!
Make sure that you check out Tas's blog because she is quite new to the blogging world and deserves followers! Click here to check out her blog.
And now to the DIY...
You will need:
Wax (in the form of a candle or wax for crafts)
Candle Wicks
A saucepan
A glass bowl
Something to stir with (e.g  spoon, skewer)
Hot glue gun
     Pour boiling water into the saucepan and place the glass bowl inside.

    Turn the heat up and put some wax into the glass bowl. I used two of the candles shown in the picture per candle but it depends on how big your cup is.

    While your wax is melting, start to put wicks in your candles by hot glueing the wick to the bottom of the cup. Tie the top of the wick to a pencil and lie it on the rim for stability.

    When the wax is melted proceed to pour the wax into your teacup, making sure to keep the wick steady (before this step I added lavender petals but that's totally optional).

    Once the wax has set, take away the pencil and snip the wick to the right length.

    And that's it!
    So simple but pretty! If you tried this DIY out, send me a pic on Twitter.
    Be sure to check out TheTasLifestyle!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Clare xxx
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    Twitter: @clarem_h_
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    1. Such a cute idea - I definitely want to try it out!

    2. Thanks so much, Frances! I was burning it the other evening and it looked brilliant (if I do say so myself)! Xxx


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