Product of the Week: MAC Pro Longwear Paintpot, Painterly


Does anyone remember that time I did a "Product of the Week" post and said I'd do one every couple of weeks? Ha. That was seven months ago.

I have decided to try it again and this week I will talk about the MAC Pro Longwear Paintpots. In particular one called Painterly.  I bought this a couple of months ago and it is the best thing in my life at the moment.

These are quite pricy and cost €21. I believe that these are worth every cent.  I hear that Maybelline have a similar product for a fraction of the price but I haven't tried them so I can't tell you how they compare.

If you would like a comparison of the two please leave a message saying so because I'd love to do one.

Painterly is a shade very similar to my own skin tone so it matches almost perfectly. It's not meant to stand out but to make other things not stand out.

This is a crucial part of my daily makeup routine. I use it to prime my eye and to cancel out those prominent purple-blue veins.

It makes the eyelid tacky, if you understand me and eyeshadow applies brilliantly. It also means that eyeshadow stays on much longer and is more opaque. I have rubbishy  eyeshadow that seem to be transformed when this is put under it

If you put on too much it will probably crease so keep it to one thin layer.

If I ever run out of this (and I doubt I will) I will repurchase it in double time.
I also want to try out one of the more adventurous colours.

Thanks for reading!
Clare xxx


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