Sunday, 18 October 2015

Dupe Alert!!! Mac Brave & Kiko 918


I come to you today with a dupe! I've never done anything like this before but I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity when I realised how similar these two lipsticks are!
I will be showing you the similarities and differences between MAC's lipstick in the shade Brave and Kiko's Clever lipstick in the shade 918.

We can't buy Kiko in Ireland so that might be a little bit of an issue for my Irish readers. I do believe, however, that you can order it online. I managed to grab a few bits when a small business project opened selling Kiko in my school.

The first similarity is they smell the exact same. I wanted to see if they were made in the same factory but they aren't. They both the same vanilla scent that MAC lipsticks are famous for.

When swatched on the hand they look very similar but it's not until you but them both on your lips that they even more identical. 
Brave is a bit pinker than 918 and 918 is slightly browner but there is very little difference between the two.


These both have different textures. This is the major difference. The MAC lipstick (which is a Lustre formula) is almost matte and has a satin finish. The Kiko lipstick however has a very moisturising texture that is quite reminiscent of the Essence Sheer and Shine lipsticks.

It is quite glossy but is the contrast worth talking about.

The MAC lipstick applies smoothly and all you need is one layer for a full coverage. 
The Kiko lipstick however needs a bit more encouragement. A couple more layers will give the desired affect.

There is a huge cost difference. MAC lipsticks retail at €19.50 while Kiko lipsticks retail at €3.90 (but they have a sale on at the moment and are being sold for €2.90). Needless to say my purse prefers the Kiko option.
The Kiko lipstick isn't very longlasting and needs frequent topping up.

These two lipsticks are very similar and I would recommend buying the Kiko version if you are on a tight budget.

 I'm going to Spain next week where I'll be able to buy Kiko so if you have any recommendations please leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!
Clare xxx


  1. I've loved your tip because I really want to spend less in makeup stuff because my budget is very tight.