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On Tuesday I received a massive box from Sugar and Spice Cosmetics. My brothers are currently rolling around on the bubble rap. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Sugar and Spice for their generosity.

Now to the reviews!
They sent me the Quick Draw Lip Crayons and the Jewel Vanity Case.
Firstly, let's talk about the lip crayons. In the tin there are three shades.
The colours don't appear to have shade names.
I love the individual packaging and the tin that they came in. The matte tube is very chic and luxurious.

I was really pleased with the colour payoff and how longlasting these lip crayons are. When applied, they have a matte finish. They are full coverage and as the name suggests, very quick and easy!
Once you apply this stuff it ain't goin' nowhere! I was so impressed by how long it lasted but also how after three hours it looked exactly how it had looked when I put it on.
But just because it was hella longlasting doesn't mean it wasn't really moisturising. These keep your lips moisturised throughout the day.

This product was a huge win in my eyes. The only downside, in my opinion, was that the shades are not very wearable for everyday use. If you love bright lips I'm sure you'd love these but in the future I would definitely buy this product in a nude shade.
Overall, I love the formula but the shades aren't really my cup of tea (although they last through a cup of tea!).

Now to the MASSIVE palette they sent me.
When given the choice I  chose this palette because the colours are absolutely gorgeous. There is a great mix of cool tones, blues, greens, pinks, warm nudes and more. Let's not forget the six lip glosses and blush and bronzer.

It took every inch of self control to not immediately start swatching these beauties as soon as I opened the box.

These colours literally make me feel weak at the knees.
I love this palette because there is a great balance of matte and shimmery shades.
Almost all of the shades are true to the colour in the pan, some take a little more coaxing and need to be built up but none of the colours that I have tried were duds.
These eyeshadows are blendable and buildable.
I only experienced a tiny amount of fallout from the shade Cobalt and the rest of them passed the Fallout Test.

One or two of the shades tended to be slightly chalky but the other shades made up for it.
Some of my favourite eyeshadows from that palette are Plum, Espresso and Sweetie.
If there was one thing I could add to this palette it would be a champagne colour because the palette slightly lacked in base shades.

I would recommend this palette to people buying gifts for a teen girl. I feel like this is a perfect gift for most teen girls who are into makeup.

You can find Sugar and Spice on Twitter at @SSbeautyUK .
Again, thanks to Sugar and Spice Beauty for sending these lovely things.
Thanks for reading! 
Clare xxx


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