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I recently returned from a six day trip to Barcelona with my orchestra. We were doing concerts and workshops there. In between all the hard work we did, we also got a bit of spare time. My mum and I were able to do a bit of sightseeing and shopping.

To say I raided a Kiko shop would be a fair statement. I'm not used to having Kiko on my doorstep and I went mad!

This is a collective makeup haul and I plan to do a clothing haul at a later date because things got out of hand in that department too.

I started my spending spree before I even left Dublin. The day before I went to Spain my brilliant aunt brought me shopping and got me the MAC lipstick in the shade Russian Red. I actually left my makeup bag at home so I didn't get the chance to wear it yet (I'm writing this on the plane).
Russian Red is a massive staple for makeup lovers around  the world and now I'm a part of that huge clique.

Before I left Dublin, I made sure to stop by duty free. I picked up the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. I've wanted this for ages as I have horrible under-eye circles. Gosh-darned genes!.

From the Kiko skincare range, I bought a Purifying Face Mask. I've recently fallen in love with face masks and I wanted to check out Kiko's skincare line.

I got the Kiko Smart Pencil in the shade 805. This is a shimmery light brown shade. This is quite hard and difficult to work with but hopefully when I break through the top layer it will be creamier.

When I was there mascaras were reduced from around €8 to about €4. I couldn't hold back and bought three. I gave the Volume + mascara to my friend, Emma and kept the Long Eyes + mascara and the Colour mascara in the shade Red to myself. These seem to be great mascaras for everyday use. They don't make a statement on your lashes but are subtle and non-clumping.

I couldn't not get a Long Lasting Stick and after much deliberation I decided on shade 25 which is a beautiful greyish-taupe. This is very creamy when being applied but once it sets, it's not going anywhere.

I bought two lip liners and a lipstick from the Intensely Lavish line available at Kiko at the moment. I got the shade 03 which is a gorgeous red to wear under Russian Red and the shade 04 and its matching lipstick because I haven't got enough mauve lipsticks. 😉 I would highly recommend these as the lip liners are a creamy but long wearing formula and the lipstick is perfect also.
I won't mention the gifts I got people as that's a bit weird.

Instead, I'll move on to some AMAZING makeup wipes I bought. I ran out towards the end of the trip and popped into a pharmacy to pick some up. I bought a pack of 30 for about €1.30. Not only is that the best price going but they are the best wipes I have ever used and they smell lovely. They are called the Bonté Sensitive face wipes. I'm going to try to find the brand online as everything was really cheap.

On my travels I came across a new foundation brush. This is from the brand Mofeta. I choose this brush as the hairs aren't very dense and would give a lower coverage which would be useful in the summertime (Summer? What's Summer?).

The final thing I will show you today is a bronzing stick from Kiko. It is very dark and I hope I'll be able to pull it off with my pale complexion.

That's all for today's post! If you would like a review on anything in particular don't hesitate to leave me a comment.

Bye all!
Clare xxx


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