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You know it's Christmas when the shops start displaying their gift sets. I was recently in Superdrug picking up some presents for two friends of mine when a certain brush set caught my eye.

Maybe it was the rose gold packaging that twinkled under the harsh light, maybe it was fate. Either way, I was immediately drawn to a glorious gift set by Makeup Revolution. This is not sponsored by Makeup Revolution (guys, I'm just an email away!) but it is hard to fault the brand.

Today I will be reviewing the Ultra Pro Brush Collection by Makeup Revolution.

First things first, the packaging is beautiful. There's something about black and rose gold that is so classy! 

The set comes with three face brushes and three eye brushes. That's six brushes for just €17.50. It's very cheap for brushes but are they worth the money?

The brushes themselves are surprisingly long. They sit well in the hand and are comfortable to hold.
I will now review the brushes one by one.

The first and the biggest brush is the F104. It is a big fluffy powder brush. The bristles on this are soooo soft. I just want to run this over my face all day. The bristles are long and it applies powder very well.

The second brush is an angled contouring brush. I have nothing like this and am excited to see if this will revolutionize the way I apply contour powders. Again, the bristles are very soft.
This applies contour powder directly to the desired area. It is very easy to create the contoured look and it fits into the hollows of your cheeks perfectly.

The third and final face brush is a stippling brush. 
I was very impressed by this particular brush. It applies evenly all over the face. I find that often when i use brushes for foundation they tend to look streaky but this one blends perfectly.
It can turn a "meh" foundation into a gorgeous high end-looking foundation.
It gives an airbrushed finish and little bit of product goes a long way.

The first eye brush is the E103. It is a domed blending brush.
This, however, does not reach the standard set by its predecessors.
I find the bristles slightly more coarse and tend to scratch at my eyelid slightly. 
Having said that, it still does the job of blending eyeshadow out well.

The second eye brush is this E101. This is a flat eyeshadow brush.
It is very small and packs the eyeshadow onto a small area.
I'll admit that I haven,t been using this for the purpose intended. Instead, I've been using it as a concealer brush for any spots or imperfections that I might want to cover.

The final brush in the set is the E104 brush. It is an angled eyebrow brush.
This is ah-mazing.
It is so easy to create a natural brow.
I have used this without fail since I got this set.

I just washed the brushes and am waiting for them to dry, but there were no hairs that fell out during the washing or drying process and the brushes seem to have retained their brilliant.

Overall this set was a massive success and I advise all of you to run to your nearest Superdrug and buy this.
You. Need. It.

Thank you for reading!
Clare xxx

BTW Excuse the awful lighting in the pictures. I've been forced to take my blog pics when I come home from schol and by then it's already dark. Sorry!

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