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Argh! It's almost Christmas and I couldn't be more excited.
Today I have decided to help anyone who knows a teenage girl out by writing this Christmas Gift Guide. I know how hard it is to find a gift for a teen girl so today I will show you how to find a budget friendly option.
I will try to find a gift that will suit every girl but that's a difficult task.

1. Makeup Sets
This is great for any beauty lover in your life. Many brands have holiday sets. They range from Makeup Revolution to Nars. You can get something great at any price. 
Soap and Glory are known for their amazing gift sets (I got one last year and loved it).

2. Body Sets
It's always nice to recieve something that you can pamper yourself with and this is a great gift to  give. I chose to show a set from Nivea and  one from L'Occitane. When I was out getting supplies for this post I found Pixie, an Irish brand, being sold at my local pharmacy. I've heard great things about the brand so I decided to pick up a bath bomb. Bath bombs are a brilliant gift also!

3. Books
For every interest there is a great book to suit it. These range from photography books to fact books to makeup books.
I believe that a book is the perfect gift!

4. Candles
Christmas is, in my opinion, a great time to give candles as gifts. They come in all scents and sizes and there's one to suit everyone. During the Winter months, candles give a room a warm and inviting touch. You can get scents that are specific to Christmas or scents that are versatile to any time of year. 

4. Fluffy Socks/ Pyjamas
Ever since I got myself some fluffy socks from Penney's my little brother has been persistently begging for a pair. I finally got him a pack last week. He loves them and can't be parted with them. Everyone loves fluffy socks. Everyone. 

5. A Disposable Camera
Picture this- you've got a teenage girl in your life and you want to give them something old-school and cool but you don't love them enough to get them a Polaroid. 
Clare's got a solution!
Get her a disposable camera! Genius.
It's also a nice idea to get her a photo album to go with her new disposable camera.

6. A Diary
Teenage girls have many conflicting emotions and while it may be a bit OTT to give her a voucher for a therapist, a diary is a great idea. You can get a real fancy one or a cute one. Paperchase have the best budget friendly diaries. I love to collect notebooks.
Notebooks are great for bloggers who need to jot down ideas for blog posts when they are out and about.

I'm so excited about my mini Christmas series and I hope you are too.
I had a great time writing this post!
Happy December! 
Clare xxx





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