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By the time this goes up, it will be Christmas Eve! 
Happy Christmas!

I feel like I haven't started a series on my blog in an age. Hopefully, this one will survive more than two posts (s/o to you Product of the Week!).

In this series, In The Know, I will deliver my tips on an array of different topics. These could range from beauty techniques to debating tips.

I hope you like this series!

In this post I will discuss my sales shopping tips - random, I know.
It may seem that once Christmas is over, there is nothing to live for anymore. Boy, is that wrong - the fun is only starting! You've still got the sales to live for.
The best day to go sales shopping is St. Stephens Day/ Boxing Day/ The day after Christmas.
Here are my top tricks and tips for sales shopping.

1. Make a List
Before you even leave your house you must analyse what you have and what you don't,  what you need and what you don't. Make a physical list of everything you need. Perhaps you want a pair of black boots but aren't willing to pay full price for them - put it on the list.

2. Don't make Impulse Purchases
To get the most out of your sales shopping experience, organisation is key. Just because something is reduced doesn't mean it's worth buying. You may regret your purchase and will forever have live with that burden.

3. The Real Discounts Are Hidden
If you know the Boots in Dundrum, you will know how the store is laid out. They have the luxury brands at the entrance and the drugstore brands towards the back. After Christmas, you can find the best discounts on gift sets down at the back of Boots. It's the same with most shops and it's your job to find the best discounts.

4. Shop Alone
I personally dislike shopping with company. I feel obliged to spend only a couple of minutes in each shop and if not, I feel as though I am wasting that person's time. I know many people feel the same way. This is why it is important to shop alone. You can only concentrate on the task at hand when you can give the sales your undivided attention.

5. Don't Shop When You're Hungry/Tired
Trust me, this is an equally big waste of time as shopping with company. You only get the opportunity of Christmas sales once a year. Prepare! Stock up on energy, fuel and moolah before you head out into the sales.

Thanks for reading!

Have a great Christmas and enjoy spending time with friends and family!

Talk to you soon!
Clare xx

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