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Mornings are usually dreaded for the primary reason that you have to drag yourself from the warmth of your cosy bed. It can be hard to see why anyone would actually like mornings! I certainly never liked them until I developed this routine.

Here are my top tips to become a morning person!

Don't go on your phone before sleeping
It has been scientifically proven that going on your phone or laptop before you go to sleep will take you longer to fall asleep and the quality of your sleep is worse. When you see the bright artificial light from your phone, your brain is tricked into thinking that it is in fact sunlight and that it's daytime. If you switch off your phone an hour or two before you téigh a chodladh you will sleep much better.

Set Multiple Alarms
One of my favourite tricks for waking up easily in the morning is to set a couple of alarms an hour before I have to get up. This way I trick myself into thinking I am getting a lie-in when in fact I'm just getting up at the normal time. It also means that I have a light sleep between the first alarm and the second alarm so it is easier to wake up.

Have Something To Look Forward To
Without an incentive, it can be impossible to get out of bed. In the morning, the only thing that drags me out of my bed is the promise of a cup of tea. It motivates me to get of the bed and get on with the day. If a cup of tea wont get you out of your bed you could use the motivation of a cup of coffee or a YouTube video.

Organise The Night Before
If you prepare everything the night before you'll have much less to do in the morning. I like to set out my outfit the night before so that there's no hassle in the morning. I also like to make a list in a notebook of things I need to do so that I don't forget anything the next morning.

Place You Alarm Across The Room
It can be easy to press Snooze of your alarm without really waking up. A more effective way of using your alarm is to place it on the opposite side of your room to your bed. This means that to cease the alarm's ringing you'll have to walk across the room. This means you'll be less likely to fall back asleep.

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  1. I swear I set about 17 alarms to get up in the morning! I love getting everything done the night before, it really helps keep my morning relaxed and stress free!

    Check out my recent? xx

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