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If you are reading this, it means that I have managed to find an internet connection (most likely from the shopping centre down the road). I'm pre-writing as many posts as possible so that I don't neglect this blog too much. Sorry if I'm MIA for a while!

I wasn't able to take pictures for this post as my makeup bag was left in my friend's house and I have yet to get it back. This is my worst nightmare!

This blogpost is a collab with the fabulous, wonderful, lovely Frances from Royally Rouge. I consider her one of my best friends online and offline and I strongly urge you to check out her blog. I am so glad to be doing a second collab with her.

Today, I will be showing you what I keep in my makeup bag. This is the bag that I would pack if I were to go away on a holiday and these are the products I wear on a daily basis.

My current favourite primer is one from L'Oreal. It is the Mattifying Finish primer. I only need a tiny amount of the to cover my face and I find that it makes my foundation last all day. It creates a barrier between my skin and all the makeup I put on my face.

For the last few weeks, I've been loving the L'Oreal Stay Fresh foundation. It is quite longlasting and matches my skin tone perfectly. It barely oxidises and is perfect for dry skin.

A old favourite of mine is the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. I use it under my eyes to cover those pesky circles. It lasts all day and doesn't crease. Although it's a bit pricey, I believe it's worth every cent and I'll be repurchasing it when I finish the bottle.

There's a new powder in my makeup bag. I finally caved and bought the Natural Collection powder that Zoe O'Connor has been raving about for ages. I say I "caved" but it only cost about €2. This mattifies my face makeup perfectly and when I have this on, my makeup doesn't budge all day.

Again, an ancient favourite of mine is the NYX Blush in the shade Taupe. This cool toned powder contours my face perfectly and I use it every single day. It's very buildable and looks very natural on cool toned people like me.

I recently rediscovered the amazing blushes from Natural Collection. Again, they're as cheap as chips but they work as well as any blush I own. I love the shade Peach Melba. If you haven't tried them, I advise you to invest a couple of Euro in these little beauties.

I have yet to find my perfect powder highlighter but until then I'll just use the heck out of my Benefit High Beam highlighter. This gives the most gorgeous glow to the skin and you only need a tiny amount of it. It's very blendable and if you are on the fence about buying this product, try the mini first!

I've spoken about this little gem before and I have no doubt that I will speak about it again. I absolutely adore the W7 In The Buff palette. These pigmented eyeshadows can be used together to create my perfect, everyday eye look that requires very little effort but still looks fab!

My go-to mascara is undoubtedly the Benefit Rollerlash mascara. I use it day-in, day-out and I would recommend it to everyone! It doesn't take the place of my lash curler but it does a really good job of accentuating my lashes.

Recently, I have been in adoration of dark nudes. I don't know why but they really seem to suit me. At the moment I use Urban Decay's lipstick in the shade Liar or NYX's 917 on a daily basis. They are both hydrating and super pigmented.

I hope you enjoyed the post! Go over to Royally Rouge to read Frances' post.

Thanks for reading!
Clare x

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  1. Loved this post Clare <3

    I adore the MAC Concealer & Natural Collection Blusher! So glad we collabed again :)

    Love & Hugs
    Frances xoxo


    1. Thanks! MAC is the amazing!
      Already looking forward to our next collab!
      Clare x


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