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Almost a year ago I wrote a post, that was very well received, about Pale Person Problems. I am now a year older and wiser and have decided it's time for a second installment.

I apologise for not posting anything last week but I was away on holidays and there was no wifi (despite what I was expecting). You'll be glad to know that I am increasing the number of posts per week to two. I hope to post every Tuesday and Friday.

With that said, let's discuss Pale Person Problems!

The first thing I've noticed is that my friends always want to sit in direct sunlight, miles away from any trees. They also want to walk on the sunny side of the road and not the shaded side. This makes my skin crawl, and burn.

Each time the sun moves you must move your beach towel /deckchair into the shade again.
The required "summer colours" that you must wear wash you out and make you look like an eejit while all your other friends look great in them.

In every group photo you starkly contrast your friends and look like Caspar the Friendly Ghost wandered in to they're Wezz shot. After it is taken, everyone laughs at you for sticking out like a sore thumb.

Sometimes when you take a picture with your friends your face doesn't show up in the picture and it just badly reflects the light. Tell me I'm not the only one!

Flash photography is also a nightmare!

You have a drawer filled with foundations that are far too dark for your skin tone. The worst bit is you could have spent the money on one high end foundation that actually matched you instead of wasting it all on drugstore foundations.

Having said that, cheap makeup is a no-no. Everyone might rave about the foundation that only costs €3 but you'll never know how good it is because it only comes in three shades; Medium, Light Medium and Dark Medium.

And, don't even buy Light Medium on the off-chance it might be light enough - of course it won't be light enough!

When ever you become embarrassed that is very obvious to those around you as you turn a deep red colour. The same happens when you attempt any exercise, even if you are very physically adept.

I hope you enjoyed this post as I really enjoy writing these!

To all of my pale girls, keep your Factor 1000 close...

You don't have to leave the house this summer!


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