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Am I excited to write this post or what? 
First an introduction...
Hi, I'm Clare and I'm the creator of this blog, Pale and Interesting. I can very honestly say I am one of those things and I doubt anyone would contradict me. Yes, I am paler than milk, paper, bed linen and the paint on the walls in my bedroom all put together. That's a very slight exaggeration, but only very slight. Since I started wearing makeup I've noticed one big problem; there are no foundation shades for us pale gals! Until now I've gone out settling for two or three shades darker than my complexion, but I've had enough!

The Body Shop, a wonderful shop that I love to visit when my purse is full, have released what can only be described as a god-send. They have released a solution that, when added to your foundation, lightens it. Obviously you can alter the amount you use according to the amount you wish to lighten the foundation by. 

It sounds strange but I never realised how dark my foundations were until I saw my correct shade. I use about 3-4 drops but apparently that's a lot. As I say, adapt the dosage according to your needs.

The scent is pleasant but quite strong and mightn't be to everyone's taste. The packaging is very pretty and sleek. I can only imagine it will be the subject of more than one Instagram post. As you well know, I'm very conscious of weight at the moment as I'm heading away to the USA. The glass packaging is quite heavy so I'll probably need to transfer it into a travel bottle.

There's no such thing as a tan with my complexion!

This is a brilliant product as it only alters the shade of your foundation. I found that the consistency and finish remain the same.

The 15ml bottle should last you a lifetime and if not it isn't too expensive. My logic is that thanks to this miracle worker, I'm getting use out of foundations that would have been thrown away otherwise.

I hear that it can be used for highlighting which is very exciting as matte highlighters have always been to dark for my complexion. I am willing to argue that this is the best thing since sliced bread!

If you wish to purchase this product you can do so by following this link.

Thanks for reading!
Clare x


  1. Nice Post! I have heard so much about this and I should really get it since I am a pale girl too.

  2. I have heard about the lightening drops and they seem amazing! I am not pale so I don't have this issue but I can imagine how annoying it can be xx


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