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Recently I've been exploring the makeup brand Inglot and I love it!
I fully intend to write more about the brand in the near future as  it has so many products that have wiggled their way into my daily makeup routine. I have yet to find a product from Inglot that I do not like or do not use on a regular basis.
This post will find you in the near future but I simply couldn't stop myself from posting this today! Today I want to do a demonstration, review and explanation of Inglot's Duraline.

Duraline is, in my opinion, the beauty industry's best kept secret. I've only heard a handful of bloggers speak about this gem. Inglot is not a well-known brand but has gained popularity in the past year or so. In Ireland, Inglot stores have been popping up everywhere and I couldn't be happier.

Duraline is a product I discovered a few months ago and since then it has revolutionized the way I apply makeup.


Duraline is a liquid solution that comes in a small glass bottle with a suction functioning dropper. 
The bottle contains 8ml but this enough to last you a lifetime.

The best thing about Duraline is its ability to multitask. I use Duraline for many different things.
I apply a drop or two to the back of my hand and coat the brush I'm using with it.
Be careful, if your brush isn't entirely clean after its last use, you will risk applying the last product used with that brush to your face. Tragic.

I personally use Duraline to intensify gel eyeliners. If you have an old, dried out gel eyeliner collecting dust in your collection, you can make it good as new by adding a couple of drops of this magic.  I equally love using it for gel eyeliners that aren't dried out. I like how it gives me more preciseness and a sharper edge to a flick. It also intensifies the product being used.

I love to use Duraline when applying loose pigments. I'm a big fan of pigments but the amount of fallout associated with using them is enough to turn anyone off them. I apply a drop of Duraline to the back of my hand and cover the brush with the solution before dipping it into the pigment. I then pack the pigment all over my lid. 

My final use for Duraline is when using powder eyeshadows. I love to use eyeshadows as eyeliner as I like to use alternative bright shades to add an interesting twist to an ordinary look.
Duraline makes any eyeshadow a whole lot more pigmented and easier to work with.

The one reservation some people may have about Duraline is that once it sets it will not budge. It makes products waterproof and smudge-proof. I see this as a benefit but acknowledge that it can be very unforgiving. If you make a mistake it can be difficult to correct it.

Other than this, Duraline is a fantastic product that I would recommend to all beauty lovers.
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  1. Brilliant post Clare x. I have been looking into duraline for a while now and this has definitely convinced me to buy it.

  2. Unreal post clare. Def will purchase xx


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