Sunday, 27 November 2016

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It's been an age since I last posted a tag on my blog so today that is exactly what I am doing.
I will be giving my response to Elleanor Wears' post, The Beauty Blog Tag. I decided to do this post as I love the questions and had a few responses at the ready.

Without further ado, here are the questions.

1. Do you have any fashion or beauty icons? Who?!

When it comes to beauty Kylie Jenner never fails to impress me. I adore her naturally radiant look and ability to rock a smokey eye look. I've bought something she's recommended more than once and I'd love to try out her makeup line. 

2. Beauty pet peeve?

It gets under my skin when people wear a foundation shade that's the wrong shade for them. As a person who spent the last few years wearing an orange foundation, I understand it can be difficult to match it correctly but having left those days of my life behind me nothing annoys me worse now.

3. Would you rather wear no makeup for the rest of your life or makeup everyday (but you can take it off when going to bed)

I wouldn't be opposed to wearing makeup every day. I know it might become a bit of a chore but the question doesn't specify how much makeup I'd have to wear. I love makeup and life without it would be quite dull.

4. Do you have any tips or tricks makeup/cosmetic wise?

I have so many tips that I've been accumulating over my time wearing makeup. I'd love to write a whole blogpost about it. My number one is to apply my eyeshadow before my face makeup. This prevents any fallout under my eyes as it can be easily wiped away before you put on foundation.

5. Kim K or Kendall Jenner makeup?

I love both Kim and Kendall but Kim takes the bacon when it comes to makeup. I think Kim has brought so much to the table in the makeup industry. She has so many tips and tricks under her sleeve and one can only admire the masterpiece that frequents her face.

6. Do you only buy cruelty-free makeup and if so why?

I haven't completely transitioned to only buying cruelty-free makeup, only because I haven't educated myself enough on. Recently I've become much more aware of these issues and hopefully, someday soon I'll leave the brands that test on furries behind me.

7. Share a photo of what you consider to be your worst moment beauty-wise.

No thanks. After searching through my phone for a suitable candidate, I found a picture of 12-year old Clare. It's too embarassing to share with you because I'd be afraid that it would fall into the wrong hands. However, try to picture this : Blue shimmery eyeshadow with some questionable eyeliner. Bright pink lipstick, shade 101 from Rimmel to be exact. The worst part is my expression. I have a placid smile on my face - one similar of that to a person lying in a coffin. Stunreal.

8. Skincare or Makeup?

I am not great when it comes to skincare. In fact, my skincare routine is very minimal. My makeup routine, however, is an evolved, complex routine that I give a lot of time and love. I would happily spend an hour doing my makeup, even if I have nowhere to go. I hope to improve my skincare routine and I have a list as long as my arm with skincare products I want to try.

That's all for today!
I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to enter my giveaway while it's still open!

Thanks for reading,
Clare xx

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