Saturday, 7 January 2017

Tips for Kick-Starting Your Year | Collab. with The Lifestyle Pursuit


I haven't really addressed the New Year on my blog as much as other bloggers. Most blogs I see have dedicated pages upon pages of content to the changing of the year, but not me!

That's why today I wanted to share some of my tips for having a more successful 2017.

This post is also a collaboration with the fabulous Louise from The Lifestyle Pursuit. Louise is very new to the blogging game but is already so accomplished. Her photography is always amazing and content is equally so. I definitely recommend you check out her blog as it's so enjoyable to read!
You can find it here.

Now to my tips on kick-starting 2017.

Keep a journal. I tried this last year for the first time and found it to be so helpful. It's very encouraging to have a visually appealing journal as you're way more likely to write in it. I have found that I am way more productive if I keep a journal reminding me of all the things I need to do.

Use checklists. Checklists are my favourite things because ticking things of gives me such a sense of satisfaction. It actually makes me want to do work and achieve things. It may seem strange but you get hooked on ticking things off.

Make a set of goals. It seems everyone is opposed to making new years resolutions because they never work out. If you set achievable goals that reap results in the short term you are more likely to achieve the goals. Making a list and putting it up in your room, in a mirror or wherever will serve as a constant reminder of what you want to achieve.

Get lots of sleep. This is something I swear by. You are 100% going to be more productive if you get a sufficient amount of sleep. Not only will you get more work done, but you'll be in a better mood and definitely wont be as cranky. Mornings are easier after a good night's sleep and don't forget, your body is healing and repairing itself while you sleep so the longer you sleep the more unreal you'll be.

Think positively. This sounds like such a cliché but it really works. If you approach things with a positive attitude you're way more likely to get stuff done. Try to go into every situation with an open mind and a positive attitude and you will be rewarded.

That's it!

Be sure to check out Louise. Her Instagram is @thelifestylepursuit and I really recommend you follow her!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I will definitely try and use these tips! I am trying to get to sleep earlier at the minute because it makes me feel so much more energetic in the morning xx