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I return to blogging with a new resolution. 

I love to write but have struggled to express myself on my blog. There's a culture here of teenagers blogging about inconsequential, bland topics of no real substance. I see talented young writers stooping to a level far below their capability to produce mediocre content that supports this frustrating trend. If I could say anything to these bloggers I'd tell them they don't have to dumb down their content to remain relevant online. 

Notice the significance of the picture I used in this post lol xoxo (they're sheep ;) )

I'll admit that I’d fallen victim to this type of writing. My blog is littered with mundane pieces about my personal life. I fell into the trap of writing what everyone else was writing. It doesn’t reflect my personality at all but it seems to be the only voice I can hear within the teen blogging community. 

For years I adapted myself to be the kind of person the teen blogging world would like me to be. 

I adopted an alter-ego for blogging that wasn’t reflective of my real personality. I posted quirky tweets about bunting and collecting teacups - something that was sure to go down well with my readers. But above all I made sure to never rock the boat. I’m full of controversial beliefs and love arguing them with anyone who’ll disagree with me, but my blog was not a place where I could share any of these opinions. My blog was somewhere I had to reserve myself by keeping my content very palatable. I made sure to never be cynical or callous (words often used to describe me in real life). This facade grew tired and I realised it’s no fun being liked for being someone you’re not. 

I’ve decided those days must come to an end and, while I won’t be spewing unpopular opinions all of the time, I intend to be more authentic on this blog. 

Having said all this, I'd love to find some new teen bloggers who aren't afraid to go against the current and who are creating content that doesn't mirror that of the masses. Please send me some links because as I'm getting back into blogging a year later I feel as though I'm a bit out of the loop.

I’m sure I’ll talk about this topic again because as I’m writing I’m being flooded with ideas. However, I want to keep this post concise.

Btw you may have noticed I changed my name to Clár on Twitter. Clare’s a bit of a fugly name  so I’ve decided to go with my Irish name for now. Aesthetics etc

Talk soon,


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