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Rejecting Insipid Teen Blogging Expectations | Pale and Interesting

I return to blogging with a new resolution. 

I love to write but have struggled to express myself on my blog. There's a culture here of teenagers blogging about inconsequential, bland topics of no real substance. I see talented young writers stooping to a level far below their capability to produce mediocre content that supports this frustrating trend. If I could say anything to these bloggers I'd tell them they don't have to dumb down their content to remain relevant online.

Notice the significance of the picture I used in this post lol xoxo (they're sheep ;) )

I'll admit that I’d fallen victim to this type of writing. My blog is littered with mundane pieces about my personal life. I fell into the trap of writing what everyone else was writing. It doesn’t reflect my personality at all but it seems to be the only voice I can hear within the teen blogging community. 
For years I adapted myself to be the kind of person the teen blogging world would like me to be. 
I adopt…

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