Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Random Daily Essentials

Hi there!

Yes, I am still alive. I've been studying quiye a lot lately for summer tests and i haven't taken the time to blog. I'm sorry!

Today I will share some of my random essentials with you. Without these items, my day simply would not be the same.


Some people don't understand why I need so many notebooks. Actually, when I think about it myself, I'm not quite sure why I do need so many notebooks. They seem to fill an empty void in my heart. There's something so magical about starting a fresh crisp notepad. It's so full of potential and endless possibilities.


Scarves are my favourite accessories. I love to see the scarf collection in charity shops because there is such a wide variety. They can tie a look together. My favourite scarf of all time is one that belonged to my father and possibly his mother before him. I found it one day and decided I would be a better home for the brown beauty.

A good book

Nothing ever will compare to an enthralling book. No movie or TV series can captivate in the way that a book will. A good book will pick you up and deposit you in a whole new world. A good book can do many things to people- perhaps you'll never  see the world in the same way.

A lovely cupán tae

I have gotten to a stage where I cannot properly function without tea. It is one of the most comforting things that I know of. There is no occasion when tea is not appropriate. I have spoken about my love for tea before so I'll stop here.

The summer holidays are rapidly approaching so I will probably have plenty of time on my hands to write.

Thank you so much for reading! Please stop by again soon.

Until next time,
Clare ♡♡♡