Thursday, 28 May 2015

Summer Bucket List

Hi there!

By the time I'm uploading this it will be summer! The exams have been a pain but (assuming I complete my last test, History) they've been acceptable.

I made a Summer 2014 Bucket list which was quite unsuccessful. Hopefully I will be able to accomplish more things this year.

Summer Bucketlist 2k15

Have a picnic
Swim in the sea
Have a mini Coachella party
Make a music video
Cycle a bike
Take classy pictures
Make smoothies
Have a  huge water fight
Make a secret den
Sleep out in the garden
Make a new friend
Be nicer to people
Develop my style (lol)
Make a scrapbook
Taste something new
Go for a really long walk
Get my hair cut (proper short)
Write a song
Go someplace new

There is my list of 20 things to do this summer. I'm so excited!

Have a nice day and enjoy Summer!

Clare x