Sunday, 29 November 2015

November Favourites | Beauty, Fashion, Books and more! | Pale and Interesting


It is almost the Christmas Month and I am feeling extremely festive (Cue reindeer jumpers, hot chocolates and reading by the fire).
Today I will be sharing with you my favourite things from the month of November. As usual, let's start with Beauty!

I have been loving the W7 In The Buff palette. This palette is a very practical one that is perfect for everyday use. In a hurry, this would be the palette I would pick up to put on in the car. It has six shades that are an essential for everyone. The lighter shades aren't as pigmented as one might hope - but then again they never are - in fact, these eyeshadows are a lot more pigmented than most eyeshadows at this price point.

In particular I have been adoring the dark brown shade called Katie. I find that I can put that through my crease, blend it out and hey-presto! These eyeshadows are highly pigmented and are beautifully refined. They are all matte shades.

My next favourite is a lipstick by MAC in the shade Russian Red. If you haven't heard of this you probably haven't heard of the microwave either. This was a purchase I would have to make sooner or later. In my opinion MAC lipsticks are flawless. I simply cannot fault them.

Russian Red is a gorgeous deep red shade. The formula is matte and is very long wearing. Unlike many matte lipsticks I have tried in the past, this lipstick is not even slightly drying. I would expect no less from a lipstick with a €20 price tag like this one. This is a festive shade that would suit so many skin tones.

My final beauty favourite is the Intensely Lavish lip liners from Kiko. They apply extremely smoothly but, once they set, are very long lasting. If you read my last post you would know that I got two shades - 03, a gorgeous red shade and 04, a beautiful mauve shade.

I think I've rambled enough about Beauty so with that let's move onto Fashion!

I am more comfortable in a wooly jumper than anywhere else. If I could I would share with you all 500 of my jumpers but it would be summer by then. Instead I'll settle for this caramel-nude oversized jumper from New Look that has stolen my heart. I think this is the most beautiful thing that my little eyes have ever witnessed.

Jumpers + oversized = Perfection.

I had to buy a size Medium because they were out of size Smalls (but boy am I glad I got that Medium?!). This is so cosy and so cute.

My other Winter obsession is blanket scarves! One day, I'll move to the North Pole and spend the rest of my days in jumpers and blanket scarves.

When I was in Spain I got this beautiful forest green blanket scarf from Stradivarius. Since then I have been living in it. I cannot speak highly enough of blanket scarves.

Now to Books!

I love snuggling up in a blanket with a hot chocolate and having a nice long read.
At the moment I'm reading The Return of Fursey by Mervyn Wall. This is the second book in the series by Mervyn Wall. It is a story about a simple minded monk in Early Christian Ireland and his encounters with the Devil. It's a hilarious read that I would recommend to anyone wishing to broaden their reading horizons.

I'm planning on doing a full review of this book as it has been my favourite for many years now.
And finally let's talk about my Miscellaneous favourites.

Christmas is just around the corner which also means that the Christmas tests are just around the corner. I've decided to pull up my socks and I have tried to organise my life. Helping me with this tall order is the app I have never spoken about anything remotely technical on this blog before but this has helped me so much with organisation of study.
This app looks classy and crisp. It is saving me from myself.

I've got a study post ready to go up. Be excited.

That's all for today! 
Have a great day,
Clare xxx

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Makeup Revolution Brush Set Review | Pale and Interesting


You know it's Christmas when the shops start displaying their gift sets. I was recently in Superdrug picking up some presents for two friends of mine when a certain brush set caught my eye.

Maybe it was the rose gold packaging that twinkled under the harsh light, maybe it was fate. Either way, I was immediately drawn to a glorious gift set by Makeup Revolution. This is not sponsored by Makeup Revolution (guys, I'm just an email away!) but it is hard to fault the brand.

Today I will be reviewing the Ultra Pro Brush Collection by Makeup Revolution.

First things first, the packaging is beautiful. There's something about black and rose gold that is so classy! 

The set comes with three face brushes and three eye brushes. That's six brushes for just €17.50. It's very cheap for brushes but are they worth the money?

The brushes themselves are surprisingly long. They sit well in the hand and are comfortable to hold.
I will now review the brushes one by one.

The first and the biggest brush is the F104. It is a big fluffy powder brush. The bristles on this are soooo soft. I just want to run this over my face all day. The bristles are long and it applies powder very well.

The second brush is an angled contouring brush. I have nothing like this and am excited to see if this will revolutionize the way I apply contour powders. Again, the bristles are very soft.
This applies contour powder directly to the desired area. It is very easy to create the contoured look and it fits into the hollows of your cheeks perfectly.

The third and final face brush is a stippling brush. 
I was very impressed by this particular brush. It applies evenly all over the face. I find that often when i use brushes for foundation they tend to look streaky but this one blends perfectly.
It can turn a "meh" foundation into a gorgeous high end-looking foundation.
It gives an airbrushed finish and little bit of product goes a long way.

The first eye brush is the E103. It is a domed blending brush.
This, however, does not reach the standard set by its predecessors.
I find the bristles slightly more coarse and tend to scratch at my eyelid slightly. 
Having said that, it still does the job of blending eyeshadow out well.

The second eye brush is this E101. This is a flat eyeshadow brush.
It is very small and packs the eyeshadow onto a small area.
I'll admit that I haven,t been using this for the purpose intended. Instead, I've been using it as a concealer brush for any spots or imperfections that I might want to cover.

The final brush in the set is the E104 brush. It is an angled eyebrow brush.
This is ah-mazing.
It is so easy to create a natural brow.
I have used this without fail since I got this set.

I just washed the brushes and am waiting for them to dry, but there were no hairs that fell out during the washing or drying process and the brushes seem to have retained their brilliant.

Overall this set was a massive success and I advise all of you to run to your nearest Superdrug and buy this.
You. Need. It.

Thank you for reading!
Clare xxx

BTW Excuse the awful lighting in the pictures. I've been forced to take my blog pics when I come home from schol and by then it's already dark. Sorry!

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Monday, 16 November 2015

Huge Makeup Haul | Kiko, MAC, Bonté | Pale and Interesting


I recently returned from a six day trip to Barcelona with my orchestra. We were doing concerts and workshops there. In between all the hard work we did, we also got a bit of spare time. My mum and I were able to do a bit of sightseeing and shopping.

To say I raided a Kiko shop would be a fair statement. I'm not used to having Kiko on my doorstep and I went mad!

This is a collective makeup haul and I plan to do a clothing haul at a later date because things got out of hand in that department too.

I started my spending spree before I even left Dublin. The day before I went to Spain my brilliant aunt brought me shopping and got me the MAC lipstick in the shade Russian Red. I actually left my makeup bag at home so I didn't get the chance to wear it yet (I'm writing this on the plane).
Russian Red is a massive staple for makeup lovers around  the world and now I'm a part of that huge clique.

Before I left Dublin, I made sure to stop by duty free. I picked up the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. I've wanted this for ages as I have horrible under-eye circles. Gosh-darned genes!.

From the Kiko skincare range, I bought a Purifying Face Mask. I've recently fallen in love with face masks and I wanted to check out Kiko's skincare line.

I got the Kiko Smart Pencil in the shade 805. This is a shimmery light brown shade. This is quite hard and difficult to work with but hopefully when I break through the top layer it will be creamier.

When I was there mascaras were reduced from around €8 to about €4. I couldn't hold back and bought three. I gave the Volume + mascara to my friend, Emma and kept the Long Eyes + mascara and the Colour mascara in the shade Red to myself. These seem to be great mascaras for everyday use. They don't make a statement on your lashes but are subtle and non-clumping.

I couldn't not get a Long Lasting Stick and after much deliberation I decided on shade 25 which is a beautiful greyish-taupe. This is very creamy when being applied but once it sets, it's not going anywhere.

I bought two lip liners and a lipstick from the Intensely Lavish line available at Kiko at the moment. I got the shade 03 which is a gorgeous red to wear under Russian Red and the shade 04 and its matching lipstick because I haven't got enough mauve lipsticks. 😉 I would highly recommend these as the lip liners are a creamy but long wearing formula and the lipstick is perfect also.
I won't mention the gifts I got people as that's a bit weird.

Instead, I'll move on to some AMAZING makeup wipes I bought. I ran out towards the end of the trip and popped into a pharmacy to pick some up. I bought a pack of 30 for about €1.30. Not only is that the best price going but they are the best wipes I have ever used and they smell lovely. They are called the Bonté Sensitive face wipes. I'm going to try to find the brand online as everything was really cheap.

On my travels I came across a new foundation brush. This is from the brand Mofeta. I choose this brush as the hairs aren't very dense and would give a lower coverage which would be useful in the summertime (Summer? What's Summer?).

The final thing I will show you today is a bronzing stick from Kiko. It is very dark and I hope I'll be able to pull it off with my pale complexion.

That's all for today's post! If you would like a review on anything in particular don't hesitate to leave me a comment.

Bye all!
Clare xxx

Friday, 6 November 2015

Sugar and Spice Beauty Product Review ad


On Tuesday I received a massive box from Sugar and Spice Cosmetics. My brothers are currently rolling around on the bubble rap. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Sugar and Spice for their generosity.

Now to the reviews!
They sent me the Quick Draw Lip Crayons and the Jewel Vanity Case.
Firstly, let's talk about the lip crayons. In the tin there are three shades.
The colours don't appear to have shade names.
I love the individual packaging and the tin that they came in. The matte tube is very chic and luxurious.

I was really pleased with the colour payoff and how longlasting these lip crayons are. When applied, they have a matte finish. They are full coverage and as the name suggests, very quick and easy!
Once you apply this stuff it ain't goin' nowhere! I was so impressed by how long it lasted but also how after three hours it looked exactly how it had looked when I put it on.
But just because it was hella longlasting doesn't mean it wasn't really moisturising. These keep your lips moisturised throughout the day.

This product was a huge win in my eyes. The only downside, in my opinion, was that the shades are not very wearable for everyday use. If you love bright lips I'm sure you'd love these but in the future I would definitely buy this product in a nude shade.
Overall, I love the formula but the shades aren't really my cup of tea (although they last through a cup of tea!).

Now to the MASSIVE palette they sent me.
When given the choice I  chose this palette because the colours are absolutely gorgeous. There is a great mix of cool tones, blues, greens, pinks, warm nudes and more. Let's not forget the six lip glosses and blush and bronzer.

It took every inch of self control to not immediately start swatching these beauties as soon as I opened the box.

These colours literally make me feel weak at the knees.
I love this palette because there is a great balance of matte and shimmery shades.
Almost all of the shades are true to the colour in the pan, some take a little more coaxing and need to be built up but none of the colours that I have tried were duds.
These eyeshadows are blendable and buildable.
I only experienced a tiny amount of fallout from the shade Cobalt and the rest of them passed the Fallout Test.

One or two of the shades tended to be slightly chalky but the other shades made up for it.
Some of my favourite eyeshadows from that palette are Plum, Espresso and Sweetie.
If there was one thing I could add to this palette it would be a champagne colour because the palette slightly lacked in base shades.

I would recommend this palette to people buying gifts for a teen girl. I feel like this is a perfect gift for most teen girls who are into makeup.

You can find Sugar and Spice on Twitter at @SSbeautyUK .
Again, thanks to Sugar and Spice Beauty for sending these lovely things.
Thanks for reading! 
Clare xxx