Monday, 24 October 2016

My New Pet! Meet Pablo D

I've never had a pet before.
For some of you, that will be a startling statement. For others, it will remind you of a struggle close to your own hearts.
Either way, it's a sad reality to live with. Most children grow up with animals. I didn't! I've pleaded with my parents for any sort of pet; a fish, a tarantula, anything with a pulse, but to no avail.
For the past three years or so, I've really wanted a hamster I think they're adorable and so playful. I was never allowed to get one... Until recently.
I know hamsters aren't everyone's cupán tae as they can resemble less preferred rodents.
I don't mind if my hamster makes you squeam - I think she's unreal.
So, without further ado, here is my hamster, Pablo.
Her full name is (wait for it) Pablo Dante Juan Hamlette Patrice Kevinne Harambe Hannigan. I like the extravagance of her name.
You may be wondering why I named a girl Pablo D (etc etc). The reason is, I had already chosen the name before I picked her out. I was expecting to get a boy but at the till I was informed that my bundle of joy was a 'she'.
I got her in Shauna's Pet Shop on Capel St. It is apparently the most ethical place to buy small animals. Also, they have a huge selection of supplies and the staff were so helpful.
I have no doubt that you all think I'm bonkers now...
Thanks for reading!
Clare and Pablo xx

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Fun Things To Do In Autumn | Pale and Interesting

I'm back, just in time for my favourite season! I've taken a while to settle back into school but I'm ready to start blogging again. My main source of inspiration is that Halloween is just around the corner. I love Halloween and could fill an entire notebook with blogposts ideas for this holiday.

This year I'm more excited than ever and have a ton of related blogposts coming your way. I can't wait to get started.

Today I've decided to collect a list of all my favourite things to do around Autumn time. I should have a Halloween version of this post up in a couple of weeks time. I decided it was socially unacceptable to do one now though.

Without further ado, here is my list of Fun Things To Do During Autumn. 

1. Take artsy, Autumnal pictures
2. Drink hot chocolate
3. Wear wooly jumpers
4. Read a book from the warmth of your home
5. Have a pamper night
6. Give your room an autumnal theme
7. Perfect your gingerbread recipe
8. Make a den out of blankets
9. Start a new series on Netflix
10. Make an Autumn playlist
11. Go for a walk and appreciate nature
12. Invite a friend over for tea and a chat
13. Have a lovely smelling bath
14. Get a Pinterest -y Autumn hairstyle
15. Embrace the spirit of Halloween
16. Buy a non-reusable film camera
17. Take loads of pictures and get them developed
18. Decorate your room with these pictures
19. Try a bold Autumn makeup trend
20. Stamp around in crunchy leaves
21. Have an indoor picnic
22. Light the fire and get cosy
23. Get caught in the rain (it's only fun if you make it fun)
24. Go to a firework display
25.Roast marshmallows

That's all for today.
I'll be back soon with more Autumnal posts and some Halloween ones too.

Thanks for reading,
Clare xx