Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Beauty Blog Tag | Pale and Interesting


It's been an age since I last posted a tag on my blog so today that is exactly what I am doing.
I will be giving my response to Elleanor Wears' post, The Beauty Blog Tag. I decided to do this post as I love the questions and had a few responses at the ready.

Without further ado, here are the questions.

1. Do you have any fashion or beauty icons? Who?!

When it comes to beauty Kylie Jenner never fails to impress me. I adore her naturally radiant look and ability to rock a smokey eye look. I've bought something she's recommended more than once and I'd love to try out her makeup line. 

2. Beauty pet peeve?

It gets under my skin when people wear a foundation shade that's the wrong shade for them. As a person who spent the last few years wearing an orange foundation, I understand it can be difficult to match it correctly but having left those days of my life behind me nothing annoys me worse now.

3. Would you rather wear no makeup for the rest of your life or makeup everyday (but you can take it off when going to bed)

I wouldn't be opposed to wearing makeup every day. I know it might become a bit of a chore but the question doesn't specify how much makeup I'd have to wear. I love makeup and life without it would be quite dull.

4. Do you have any tips or tricks makeup/cosmetic wise?

I have so many tips that I've been accumulating over my time wearing makeup. I'd love to write a whole blogpost about it. My number one is to apply my eyeshadow before my face makeup. This prevents any fallout under my eyes as it can be easily wiped away before you put on foundation.

5. Kim K or Kendall Jenner makeup?

I love both Kim and Kendall but Kim takes the bacon when it comes to makeup. I think Kim has brought so much to the table in the makeup industry. She has so many tips and tricks under her sleeve and one can only admire the masterpiece that frequents her face.

6. Do you only buy cruelty-free makeup and if so why?

I haven't completely transitioned to only buying cruelty-free makeup, only because I haven't educated myself enough on. Recently I've become much more aware of these issues and hopefully, someday soon I'll leave the brands that test on furries behind me.

7. Share a photo of what you consider to be your worst moment beauty-wise.

No thanks. After searching through my phone for a suitable candidate, I found a picture of 12-year old Clare. It's too embarassing to share with you because I'd be afraid that it would fall into the wrong hands. However, try to picture this : Blue shimmery eyeshadow with some questionable eyeliner. Bright pink lipstick, shade 101 from Rimmel to be exact. The worst part is my expression. I have a placid smile on my face - one similar of that to a person lying in a coffin. Stunreal.

8. Skincare or Makeup?

I am not great when it comes to skincare. In fact, my skincare routine is very minimal. My makeup routine, however, is an evolved, complex routine that I give a lot of time and love. I would happily spend an hour doing my makeup, even if I have nowhere to go. I hope to improve my skincare routine and I have a list as long as my arm with skincare products I want to try.

That's all for today!
I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to enter my giveaway while it's still open!

Thanks for reading,
Clare xx

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Autumnal Eyeshadow Palette ft. MAC and Inglot | Pale and Interesting


It's November and I am embracing the Autumn/Winter spirit. While I'm not quite ready for Christmas, I'm fully enjoying all that Autumn has to offer.

For the past couple of months I've been accumulating eyeshadows to make my ultimate Autumn/Winter palette. I haven't entirely filled it, but I wanted to show it to you before Autumn ends. The shades in this palette are shades that I use every day and would wear in any season

This palette contains eyeshadows in their pan form from MAC and Inglot. The palette itself, which resembles a Z Palette is called the Freedom System Flexi Palette from Inglot.

So,first let's look at the MAC shadows in the palette.
Jest - Soft peach with icy shimmer
Kid - light warm toned matte
Cork - Muted Golden Brown
Soft Brown - Soft golden peachy-brown
Cranberry - Red plum with pink shimmer
Embark - Intense reddish brown

The Inglot shades in the palette are:
397 - a warm, peachy beige with a pearl finish
337 - a soft, medium brown with red undertones and a matte finish.
335 - a bright burnt orange with a matte finish
299 - a dark burnt orange with a matte finish
301 - a dark warm cranberry shade with a matte finish
373 - a white shade with a matte finish

As you can see, the pigmentation of all of these eyeshadows is of the highest quality. These shades are very versatile and can each be used for different uses.

Each one of the shades is extremely pigmented, creamy and longwearing.

I love all of these shades equally and honestly cannot pick a favourite.

If you have tried any other MAC or Inglot shades let me know as I always want to build my collection.

Thanks for reading,
Clare xx

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Thursday, 10 November 2016

2 Year Anniversary Giveaway | Pale and Interesting

You may have noticed that I've been quite MIA in the past few months on my blog. I am, however, back here and you can expect consistent posting in the future.

Today I am bringing you Pale and Interesting's first giveaway!
I decided to start of relatively small and hopefully, giveaways in the future will be bigger. I already have plans for a Christmas giveaway. I'll tell you more about that soon but first let me tell you about my current giveaway.

One person will win the prizes I am about to show you. I originally said that this would be open for people just in the UK and Ireland but I've changed my mind.
This giveaway is open worldwide!

Now to the prizes...

The first product I will be the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I have the waterproof version of this product and absolutely adore it. It is my all-time favourite mascara and so wanted to put it in the giveaway.

In the prize will be an Inglot eyeshadow in the shade 337. I also have this shade and use it on a daily basis. It is a beautiful bright, burnt orange that can easily be incorporated into many Autumnal looks.

Finally, I will be giving away the Hairspray Matte Candy Oval Makeup Brush. I've seen these circulating on the internet and was excited when I saw them in Hairspray. I decided to get one for you and you can try it out.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you like this giveaway and will all enter it.
It will be running for the next three weeks and the only rules are to
  • Leave a comment on a past blogpost
  • Follow my Twitter @paleninterestin
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  • For an extra entry you can tweet about this giveaway

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Sunday, 6 November 2016

My Eyebrow Routine | Pale and Interesting


I'm the kind of person that loves to put time and effort into my eyebrows. I would say it's one of my favourite parts of my makeup routine. Although my brow routine is not very extensive, I want to share it with you today.

I often start my routine by taking a tweezers to clean up the stray hairs. I don't recommend plucking your eyebrows if you're a beginner. I only pluck the hairs that grow between my eyebrows (basically I have a unibrow if I don't pluck it) and the stray hairs that grow on my browbone.

I then use a spoolie brush to comb through my brows. This ensures that all the hairs are pointed in the same direction an it gives me a better idea of where I need to draw on.

Taking an angled eye brush, I dip it into the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade making sure to remove excess from the brush. The brush I use is the It Cosmetics 217 Angled Liner/Brow Brush which I adore.

I make a sharp line with the brush along the bottom of my eyebrow. It changes shape slightly at the arch of my brow and then follows the same shape of my brow as it tapers out.

I then repeat the same process along the top of my brow but the only difference is that I start half a centimeter into my eyebrow.

I then take the brush and place it's hairs horizontally along the base of my brow. I gently push the brush upwards to fill in the middle.

Once the shape is completed, I take a concealer and apply it carefully to the base of my brow. This line should be very sharp and precise as it is defining the shape of your brow. Blend it downwards to avoid losing the sharp line.

Finally, set the concealer with a powder matching your skin tone. I also like to use a white powder just on my brow bone to make it pop.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what products you use for your eyebrows by leaving a comment.

I have a giveaway very soon, I'm still waiting for some of the products to arrive in the post! Stick around so you don't miss it!

Talk to you soon,
Clare xx

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Duraline Review, Uses & Demo | Pale and Interesting

Recently I've been exploring the makeup brand Inglot and I love it!
I fully intend to write more about the brand in the near future as  it has so many products that have wiggled their way into my daily makeup routine. I have yet to find a product from Inglot that I do not like or do not use on a regular basis.
This post will find you in the near future but I simply couldn't stop myself from posting this today! Today I want to do a demonstration, review and explanation of Inglot's Duraline.

Duraline is, in my opinion, the beauty industry's best kept secret. I've only heard a handful of bloggers speak about this gem. Inglot is not a well-known brand but has gained popularity in the past year or so. In Ireland, Inglot stores have been popping up everywhere and I couldn't be happier.

Duraline is a product I discovered a few months ago and since then it has revolutionized the way I apply makeup.


Duraline is a liquid solution that comes in a small glass bottle with a suction functioning dropper. 
The bottle contains 8ml but this enough to last you a lifetime.

The best thing about Duraline is its ability to multitask. I use Duraline for many different things.
I apply a drop or two to the back of my hand and coat the brush I'm using with it.
Be careful, if your brush isn't entirely clean after its last use, you will risk applying the last product used with that brush to your face. Tragic.

I personally use Duraline to intensify gel eyeliners. If you have an old, dried out gel eyeliner collecting dust in your collection, you can make it good as new by adding a couple of drops of this magic.  I equally love using it for gel eyeliners that aren't dried out. I like how it gives me more preciseness and a sharper edge to a flick. It also intensifies the product being used.

I love to use Duraline when applying loose pigments. I'm a big fan of pigments but the amount of fallout associated with using them is enough to turn anyone off them. I apply a drop of Duraline to the back of my hand and cover the brush with the solution before dipping it into the pigment. I then pack the pigment all over my lid. 

My final use for Duraline is when using powder eyeshadows. I love to use eyeshadows as eyeliner as I like to use alternative bright shades to add an interesting twist to an ordinary look.
Duraline makes any eyeshadow a whole lot more pigmented and easier to work with.

The one reservation some people may have about Duraline is that once it sets it will not budge. It makes products waterproof and smudge-proof. I see this as a benefit but acknowledge that it can be very unforgiving. If you make a mistake it can be difficult to correct it.

Other than this, Duraline is a fantastic product that I would recommend to all beauty lovers.
Thanks for reading,